Four Weddings and A........Treasure Hunt!
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Four Weddings and A........Treasure Hunt!

After an incredibly busy start to the year; City of London Black Taxis look forward to a weekend of bridal well wishes and a unique and exciting Treasure Hunt! 
The Order of The British Empire Chapel at St Paul's Cathedral has proved to be the most popular and prevalent ceremony venue for our Bridal Couples in 2012 thus far.
I am just so sorry to our Bride and Grooms at St Paul's Cathedral over the next two weekends; that we are unable to offer dedicated arrival directly outside The O.B.E Chapel due to current circumstances. Our very best wishes and many congratulations to you all in advance and let's hope that for forwarding reservations the eviction order is swiftly granted!
This weekend also sees a most exciting Treasure Hunt around various central London venues in order to locate a "kidnapped" (!) architect on his Birthday! Following the hints and clues around Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge our intrepid 'architectural themed' teams will rack their brains in the battle to win first place to the well known central London venue where our architect will be 'hiding'!
Having been involved in a large number of corporate Taxi Treasure Hunts to date; this is infact our first private client Treasure Hunt. Sure to be an evening of hearty competition between both clients and drivers with lots of laughter along the way!
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